Inter Casino Moneybookers

To play at Inter casino players must have a certain payment method that would allow them to manage their account, deposit and withdraw money and receive bonuses. It is a must feature of any account as with out it no money can be put up for wagering. Inter casino Moneybookers is a common payment method among Inter casino players which uses the Moneybookers money transfer service as the core payment tool. Inter Casino Moneybookers is one of the most popular and is highly secured.

Skrill Moneybookers

In order to set Inter casino Moneybookers as their payment method of choice players must choose it when registering an account at Inter casino. Before they can do so players must head over to Inter casino download page, download and install the Inter casino software onto their PC. When done, player will go on and register an account with Inter casino by filling up their details and choosing a payment method which in our case is Inter casino Moneybookers.

There is a 100% welcome bonus of up to £250 match up bonus for new players. This Inter casino bonus is given to all new player who make their first deposit with Inter casino Moneybookers or any of Inter casino payment methods. Players must enter the GET250 Inter casino bonus code. This will automatically credit the players’ account with a match up bonus of up to £250 which gives the players more chances of winning playing Inter casino games.

Inter Casino Bonus Code GET250
Use This GET250 Inter Casino Bonus Code

Alternatively, players can choose the instant play option which allows them to play Inter casino without downloading and installing the software. A simple on site registration is all it takes. During the registration process the players will choose their payment method, which is our case is Inter casino Moneybookers, and from that moment on can play Inter casino using the flash version of Inter casino from any flash supporting web browser.