June 2015 Promotions

Being the first ever online casino to be established, InterCasino is basically a Living Legend. Us, legends have to live up to our reputation, right? Or else everything will come crashing down sadly like a house of cards, or a disastrous series of losing spins.

InterCasino lives up to the challenge though, and thus we have devised the new InterCasino June 2015 Promotions for this coming summer. With this batch of new InterCasino promotions, we will certainly give the InterCasino review writers a good run for their money.

Double-Sided Sign-Up Packages
As a major feature of our InterCasino June 2015 Promotions, we present two (2) new Sign-Up packages. These are aimed at new players depending on their main preference of casino games:

  • Bonus for Slots Lovers – Enjoy the InterCasino slots games to the fullest with “three-peat” 100% match bonuses of up to €200. Aye mates, that’s a total of €600 worth of InterCasino bonuses, hopefully enough to satiate the biggest appetite possessed by casino slots aficionados. To avail of this promo, interested parties only have to create their InterCasino account, and then make their initial deposit using any of the trusted InterCasino payment methods.
  • Bonus for Table Meisters – In turn, our InterCasino June 2015 Promotions also have something for casino table games enthusiasts in its sleeves. Similar to the welcome bonus for Slots games, this promo for Table and Card games also feature three-fold 100% bonuses of up to €200. The minimum deposit amount required is the same as well – €25.

Additionally, you can readily mix and match the two promos, if ever you hold an equal liking to the two types of casino games mentioned above.

Mayday Mondays
Mayday, mayday – Mr. X here is on a baaaddd losing streak! He’s still in luck though, because it’s Monday today!

The InterCasino June 2015 Promotions are not only for new players, they are aimed towards our loyal and avid gamers as well. On Mondays, we give something back to our enthusiastic players – cashbacks on the bets they lost. This way, even losing is still kind of winning, right? So, come Mondays, ease your frowns and look forward to an enjoyable week of InterCasino gaming!

So how about it, don’t you want to experience the legendary InterCasino? There’s nothing to lose, especially with the InterCasino June 2015 Promotions adding more value to your casino experience. Join us today, and enjoy casino gaming to the fullest!